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Uganda Christian SolutionsUganda Christian Solutions is not a large, national organization.  We are a community of local individuals committed to improving lives and bringing the Word of God to Uganda and South Sudan.  To do this, we gather together as opportunities and resources permit . We go personally where the need is.  There we give witness, offer our labor, and bring education -- directly to the people who need it most.

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The Results of UCS Missionary Work

Since 1991, Uganda Christian Solutions' founder Nancy Denardo has been a part of many fundraising projects. 

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2009 Project

The 2009 project with UCS raised nearly $100,000 and has been used to:

  • Buy land and construct a United Methodist Church in Mukono, Uganda
  • Purchase a 16 passenger van for church ministries
  • Buy 20 treadle (non electric) sewing machines
  • Sponsor six days of sewing training for 36 women
  • Start a sewing school in three different locations at Yei South Sudan, Busia, and Mukono Uganda
  • Financed the drilling of two wells for clean water
  • Began leadership training for about 300 clergy and laity
  • Created a Bible school for 200 children
  • Started a workshop for about 60 teachers and Sunday school teachers

Uganda Christian Solutions"The main problems in Uganda are the lack of clean water and the absence of education and healthcare. 

Jobs exist in Uganda but not without an education," explains UCS founder Nancy Denardo.  "In African schools, most children don't go beyond elementary level because of the cost associated with education." 

"All of the Ugandan/South Sudanese participants who attended our training sessions had their expenses paid for by UCS, including transportation, housing, food, and materials. Otherwise, they would not have been able to take advantage, and a little education can improve a life tremendously."

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