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Uganda Christian Solutions works to connect people to the love of Jesus Christ by developing Christian solutions in ministries that provide basic human needs to communities, including water, health, education, shelter, clothing, and transport. 

UCS assists people in improving their life skills in the areas of leadership development, financial management, social behavior, and good-health life styles.

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Uganda Christian Solutions is an approved conference advance special of the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church. #SS003900U

We make a difference after the work day is done and after we've taken care of our own families' needs.

There's more we can do. There's more you can do to help us. 

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Uganda Christian Solutions
Nancy Denardo and her first born
Ugandan "Grandchild" Namesake 

2013 Project:

  • Provided pastoral training for 20 pastors
  • Dedicated a new water well that was constructed with a donation of over
    $4,000 from the CUMC VBS offering as well as facilitated construction of 2 other water wells
  • Provided ongoing support to the Wesley school by paying the teachers' salaries, and provides a monthly stipend for both pastoral and congregational support for the Mt Olives UMC
  • Conducted medical/dental/eye, pastor and laity training, and children's ministries programs in several
    different locations in Uganda
  • Held agricultural training offered by 2 County Extension Agents included a 2 day workshop where 12 rural farmers were taught new methods of farming. Each farmer received tools and seeds.
  • Provided a workshop for 12 teachers from the Bwakama Primary school about classroom management, and managing students at all learning levels
  • The team also visited a nearby orphanage and established a relationship with the couple in charge, to provide ongoing workshop aid for the Bwakama teachers
  • Provided start-up funds for a piggery, repaired a water well, and provided funds to purchase study Bibles for the area pastors
  • 100 mosquito nets were purchased and delivered to 2 churches in South Sudan
  • Provided 125 children's outfits that were distributed to children in 3 locations in South Sudan

Who We Are

Uganda Christian Solutions was founded by Nancy Denardo of McKeesport, Pennsylvania.  Since 1991, Nancy has been a leader or participant on several United Methodist VIM (Volunteers in Mission) work trips to Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique
The mission of these work trips has been to build churches, schools, and clinics.  On them, Nancy has worked with aids orphans, helped to provide immunizations and health education, worked in construction, and even helped repair seminary students' housing.
The 2009 project raised nearly $100,000. 

Nancy's involvement in this type of outreach led her to the personal commitment of founding Uganda Christian Solutions - a hands-on organization working to helping others through the personal efforts of UCS members dedicated to providing services in a transparent and fully accountable way.
Donations helped sponsor a six days of sewing training for 36 women and started a sewing school in three different locations at Yei South Sudan, Busia, and Mukono Uganda.  The effort financed the drilling of two wells for clean water, began leadership training for about 300 clergy and laity, created a Bible school for 200 children, and a workshop for about 60 teachers and Sunday school teachers.

Improving Lives, Building Hope

Uganda Christian Solutions"The main problems in Uganda are the lack of clean water, education, and healthcare.  Jobs exist in Uganda but not without an education," said Nancy. "Most children don't go beyond elementary school because of the cost associated with education.  All of the Ugandan/South Sudanese participants who attended the various trainings we offered had their way paid for by UCS.  That includes transportation, housing, food, and materials. Otherwise, they would not have been able to attend." 

Future projects include construction of health clinics, schools, churches, clean water wells, children's immunization programs, skills training, scholarship programs for all ages and education types, evangelism, small business start up, income generating projects, and leadership training. 

"Everything we do is designed to show people the love of Jesus through improving the quality of their lives," said Nancy.

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